We offer floral arrangements on a rolling basis designed to fit your home, office, restaurant or hotel. We begin with a consultation and then develop a floral programme that suits your brand, taste, and space in the form of centrepieces, floral installations and the like – for that regular shot of beauty to incite the senses. Our contract clients have exclusive access to our collection of vessels and styling objects for their premises.


We collaborate with you to create something special. We have worked with leading local and international brands to provide art direction and creative consultation for editorial and styled shoots, brand campaigns, product development, content production and corporate gifting. 


We have become the go-to floral designers for leading local and international brands, having collaborated on product launches, brand activations and corporate celebrations. We are also here to set the table at your party, relishing every opportunity to engage and connect meaningfully through the language of plants and flowers.


A subscription service offering delivery of a curated selection of stems or bouquet arrangements for your home delivered weekly, bi-weekly or monthly. Our arrangements are a unique and thoughtful addition to your home or workplace. Contact us to learn more.