• Frama Penny Frances Apothecary - Lavender Flowers & Violet Aromatic Tonic 50ml/1.69 fl oz La Bomba Floristry Vancouver Canada

Penny Frances Apothecary - Lavender Flowers & Violet Aromatic Tonic 50ml/1.69 fl oz

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Lavender flowers & violet aromatic tonic is a beautifully aromatic tonic that will transport you to the Mediterranean, where the heady aromas of sun-soaked fruits, flowers, herbs, and the salty air are forever emblazoned onto your memory.

Skin-soothing botanical extracts of violet, rose, and cucumber calm and rejuvenate your skin and senses. Lavender, orange blossom, and rose flower water help heal and repair cell damage, and a light infusion of Himalayan salt helps reduce inflammation. This beautifully refreshing tonic is the first step to reawakening and refreshing oily, dull, and congested skin.


violet ~ cucumber ~ orange blossom 

Cucumber Distillate is made from fresh, organically grown cucumbers and has a beautiful bright, refreshing aroma. Lovely and gentle for any skin type.

Violet Extract is cooling, soothing, and mildly astringent; it helps soothe inflamed, irritated skin while gently toning, clearing, and refreshing your skin. 

Himalayan Pink Salt is derived from ancient sea salt deposits. This pretty pink-hued salt is rejuvenating, detoxifying, cooling, and cleansing. It drives out dirt and pollution from deep within our pores and forms a protective barrier helping to prevent dryness while plumping, firming, and toning the skin, leaving it fresh, glowing, and radiant.

DIRECTIONS: Spray all over your face to restore ph balance, hydrate, and refresh your skin; always apply your mist before your serum. 

  • Mist for bed linen and pillows

  • Room Spray

  • Spray for Stress, Anxiety, and Relaxation

  • Toner for all skin types

  • Antibacterial 

  • Calming for Relaxation and De-Stressing

  • Body Spray

  • Spritz inside your mask 

Store in the refrigerator for an extra cooling skin refreshment during the summer months and to help preserve your botanical tonic.