LBF weddings

We are the leading wedding florist behind some of the most talked about weddings in Vancouver and beyond.

Working alongside the best wedding planners and vendors in the industry, we conceptualize and deliver one-of-a-kind experiences tailored to our clients. No two celebrations are alike.

La Bomba Floristry is not afraid to experiment: we look at traditional situations untraditionally. We specialize in unique floral designs for wedding and events; anything from as simple as bridal bouquets to dramatic installations. 

At LBF, we are focused on what makes us human: our need to be social, and our ability to connect with the world through our five senses. We are committed to practicing a more connected, sincere, and beautiful way of living. We share this vision by creating immersive social gatherings and art that heighten our senses and foster meaningful connections between people. We are also committed to work as sustainably and ethically as we possibly can and never use floral foam.

We are committed to producing the highest quality work. We treat every project as a unique opportunity to design something special. We only present ideas that we are excited about, and we iterate until we reach a version that our clients love and we are proud of. 

We also provide a design consultation service for the rest of the wedding design to create an overall design aesthetic that marries the floral design to the rest of the event decor.  

Embracing our perceptive abilities gives us the power to create impactful art and memorable events. We rely on our five senses to  bridge us with the present, and to create moving event experiences.

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