Photos: Jennilee Marigomen

To know Lee is to know the nicest, kindest and thoughtful human in Vancouver. We couldn't think of a better time to showcase Lee and her son Saje in our special Mother’s Day Journal edition. It feels like all roads lead back to Leanne when you think of how this city connects as a community. She makes an incredible effort, showing support to all the women and mother’s around her. 

As well as being an incredible mother to Saje, this girl has an eye for fashion. Follow @nuubutnot and you will see that Lee has a specific focus on classic, timeless wardrobe staples that stand the test of time in both quality and transcends any ‘it’ fashion moment. Think 90’s minimalist meets Carolyn Bessette-Kennedy. Sustainability always at the forefront of her pursuits.

She invited us into her beautiful home she shares with partner Tyler from @visitorgoods to showcase our House Flower Subscription service. We’re excited to share a bit about Lee in the interview below. 

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Name: Lee

Occupation: Owner/curator of Nuubutnot (online vintage clothing store)

Hobbies: I start most mornings doing Kundalini, I find it grounding and calming—it sets me up for the day. I'd say the rest are reading, colouring (with my son), thrifting and forest walks.

An early olfactive (scent) memory?There was a makeup powder my mom had growing up, it was probably a rosy scent with a hint of talcum powder. I remember it had a big powder puff that you would slide your fingers through to apply, I probably got powder everywhere every time I looked at it. 

Favourite scent? I love a musky, woody scent, something slightly masculine. At home, we burn a little Sandalwood or Palo Santo. My partner wears a beautiful Natural Parfum oil by Flore that smells like fir/jasmine/moss and it's so yummy. Ironically I don't have a scent at the moment, but I'm on the hunt for one that speaks to me.

Favourite flower? Lilies

How would you describe your interior style? Our home is always a bit in flux, my partner Tyler works in the furniture world so we are lucky to always be shifting around our furniture/style but if I’d have to describe it I'd say contemporary with a little unexpected - sometimes Tyler will bring home a blue chair and I’m like, “ok, how can I make this piece feel at home?”, he brings the unexpected to my contemporary. I definitely don't like a lot of stuff and gravitate to neutral colours, I love making a home feel like a home—not too perfect but still lived-in. I think that’s also why I love flowers so much, you can bring home a new colour and see how it feels in your place without too much investment.

How do flowers play a role in your space? When I have flowers at home I feel like things are complete, like when you go to get your nails done—polished. They never fail to make me smile and I love how my son interacts with them. 

How do flowers play a role within your community? I think flowers have a way into everyone’s heart. They are a universal language that can make people feel special and often invoke an emotion of some sort depending on the colour or scent of the flower, not to mention how amazing flower remedies are! 

Is there a season you favour? I love the in-between seasons, especially spring.

How do you think you express love? I love making people feel loved. I'd say I express it through words and gifts. Maybe that’s why I love thrifting so much you can find beautiful things that are one-off and usually, I’m like “Oh this is definitely for X person!” or you have it on hand for the perfect opportunity to gift it. And I always tell the people in my life that I love them!

Where are you drawing inspiration from at present? Lately, Tyler has been bringing home old AD magazines, like from the '80s! I love going through them for home layout/organization inspiration or even just colour combinations. And for style, I keep a saved folder on my IG for seasonal looks that I love, I often will go through that if I need a little daily inspiration.

Where do you go to be with nature? We live close to Stanley Park so most days you will find my son and I adventuring through the woods or at the park by the beach. Being amongst the trees is just the best feeling.